5 Creative (and Functional) Home Renovation Ideas for Central Florida Homeowners

With the real estate buying frenzy still in full swing, many people are opting to renovate their current home and stay put. So, if you’re planning any updates, why not get creative, while at the same time adding more functionality to your current abode?

Here are some cool ideas to consider:

  1. Create a raised floor and use the space underneath it for storage. This will not only provide you with additional space for storing holiday decorations or off-season clothes, but it can also add another dimension to the overall room space. Storage space could be accessed via drawers on the end(s) of the platform and/or through access areas or doors in the middle of the space that can be lifted to open.
  2. Remove a kitchen wall and open up your home with a folding glass wall and/or window. This can provide an ideal way to take advantage of the year-round warm weather in the Sunshine State.
  3. Add a custom backsplash in your kitchen. Doing this can make the area behind the sink stand out, while also tying into the surrounding décor.
  4. Get creative with wine storage by adding a built-in spot in the wall, or possibly even in the ceiling.
  5. Use space under an interior and/or exterior staircase as an office, dog house, or shelf space. If there is room, you could also consider adding a small loft space in the open area above the staircase to use as a small sitting area.

Want to discuss these or any other ideas that could make your Central Florida home stand out, while at the same time adding more functionality?

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