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It seems like just a few short months ago, phrases like “social distancing” and “personal protective equipment (PPE)” were seldom, if ever, used – at least not on a regular basis. But today, these and many other COVID-19-related terms are commonplace, as is working from home and online learning.

As the pandemic progresses, there are many areas of our lives that may never go back to the way they were. One that will likely be an integral part of our new normal is working from a safe space such as your house or condominium.

But, while “converting” the kitchen table into a makeshift desk might provide you with a temporary “solution,” if the work-at-home “new normal” continues for the foreseeable future (and it is possible that they will), it may be time to consider a home renovation that adapts your home to better fit in with your needs.

Even if you don’t have a basement or an extra bedroom to spare, there are a multitude of ways that a portion of your home can still be segregated to provide you with the work space (and silence) that you need, without looking out of place.

At LP Design & Renovation, we specialize in turning your current space into an area that is functional and aesthetically pleasing – and we are able to quickly complete your project in a timely manner so that your home, and your life, isn’t disrupted for an extended period of time.

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