Exterior Home Renovations that Can Add Value

Although many people lean towards making interior home renovations, it is the exterior that plays a key role in the overall curb appeal, and in turn, the desirability of the home in general – regardless of whether you plan to put it on the market or stay for the duration.

It is estimated that people decide whether or not they like a house within the first seven seconds of entering it, and the front door is the ultimate “transition” space. So, in addition to the door itself (which can be painted, stained, or completely changed out altogether), there are ways to spruce up the surrounding space by replacing the front porch light fixture(s), upgrading the mat, and/or adding some pizzaz to the house numbers.

Some other common exterior improvements can include:

  • Raised garden bed. Having a raised garden bed can not only make it easier to grow plants, flowers, or vegetables, it can also provide added décor to your outdoor space.
  • Low-maintenance landscaping. Depending on the size and shape of your yard, low maintenance landscaping may add just the touch that you need to enhance your outdoor space, while at the same time reducing the amount of grass that must be tended to on a regular basis.

The exterior of your home could also lend itself to adding space for making lifelong memories. For instance, a patio, deck, and/or a gazebo can be a great area for family dinners, game nights, or other fun activities. Plus, given the temperate climate in the Sunshine State, these spaces can be used all year long.

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