Flipping Houses for Profit?

Here are Some Home Renovation Ideas that Could Make Your Properties Stand Out

The process of “flipping” real estate has the potential to generate a substantial amount of profit within a relatively short period of time. But it could also lead some investors to overspend on fixing the property up, and in turn not generating nearly as much payoff as hoped.

So, where can you find that fine line between making a property catch the eye of potential (and qualified) buyers, without breaking your fix-up budget?

One way is to keep up with the most current home design trends. While wallpaper and stenciling was at one time a popular way to spice up your abode, home décor – much like fashion – tends to run its course.

With that in mind, what can you do in 2021 to attract more potential purchasers to a home that you’re flipping?

Some of the top trends include:

  • Private or secluded work and learning space. Although open floor plans were at one time quite popular, given today’s (and likely tomorrow’s) “new normal,” more people are working from home and attending school virtually. This has led to the need and the desire for dedicated home offices, work “nooks,” and/or slider doors that can close off a portion of an existing room.
  • More area to cook and prepare food in the kitchen. The COVID-19 pandemic has also led more people to cook and eat at home in lieu of going out – and this, in turn, has had more people calling for various “workspaces” in the kitchen area.
  • More automation. As we all become more tech savvy, home buyers (as well as those who are renovating their current space) are asking for automated features like hands-free faucets, motion sensor lights, and automated temperature control.

Whether you’re fixing up a Central Florida property for a quick flip, or you are preparing to move into your next primary residence, give LP Design and Renovation a call. Our designers can provide you with ideas on how to grab the attention of possible purchasers, as well as show you how you can convert a property into your dream home – all without breaking your budget.

You can contact us directly at (407) 901-6215, or you can send us an email by going to our secure online contact form at https://lpinspiredrenovation.com/contact/. We look forward to hearing from you.


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