Home Renovations by Big Box Stores versus a Professional Design Company

Walking into one a “big box” home improvement store might initially be a bit overwhelming. There are materials of all kinds just about everywhere you look, from paint brushes, to shower enclosures, to siding – along with a myriad of appliances, light fixtures, and both interior and exterior doors.

In addition to providing all of these items, many of the “big box” home improvement stores also offer renovation services. These can include the design of an updated kitchen and/or bath(s), installation of new carpet or other type of flooring, or even giving your home a complete makeover.

But while these stores can certainly provide you with a convenient “one stop shop” for your home renovation needs, they may not necessarily produce the best result. That’s where a home renovation specialist comes in.

If you’re like most people, your home could be the largest asset you ever purchase. So, why cut corners when the time comes to add significant updates or changes to it?

By working with a home renovation specialist, you’ll receive more personalized service, typically from an individual (or individuals) who has been professionally trained in the art of home remodeling and/or decorating.

Many people visit their doctor once a year for a general wellness check-up and/or a physical exam. If all checks out ok, then this general exam may be all you need for the time being. But if it is discovered that you have a specific issue – such as a heart condition – it is likely that your general practitioner will send you to a medical professional who specializes in heart-related ailments.

The same should hold true in most any type of transaction in that a specialist can provide you with a more in-depth product or service. So, if you reside in Orlando or the surrounding Central Florida area and you’re considering a home renovation project, contact LP Design and Renovation at (407) 901-6215 or send us an email by going to https://lpinspiredrenovations.com/contact/ and set up a time to learn more about how our process works, and how we can turn your house into your dream home.


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