How to Avoid DIY Home Renovations Going Wrong

You have likely seen and heard countless commercials – particularly from the “big box” home improvement stores – that tout the ease and convenience, as well as the cost savings, of doing fix-up and renovation work yourself.

Further, there are countless television programs on the air today that show happy individuals and couples tearing out the old flooring, walls, and outdated amenities and turning homes into “masterpieces” that will better fit the homeowners’ needs or can be “flipped” for a sizeable profit.  

For some who already have the know-how, cutting your expenses by using “sweat equity” could be good advice. Others, however, may run the risk (and the associated expenses) of a project going wrong. In these cases, it is oftentimes recommended that you start out talking with an experienced firm that can work within the parameters of your objectives and your budget.

Some of the biggest (and costliest) do-it-yourself renovations can stem from:

  • Unrealistic budgeting (in this case, it is almost always necessary to build in realistic project costs, as well as an additional amount of “cushion,” just in case)
  • Using cheap materials
  • Taking improper measurements (even a fraction of an inch can make a big difference)
  • Not paying attention to what is “behind the scenes,” such as outdated or faulty wiring and plumbing
  • Focusing on current trends, rather than long-term functionality

At LP Design and Renovation, we’ve been helping Central Florida homeowners and real estate investors with anything from small updates to full gut renovations that can increase the functionality – and the value – of their properties for more than a decade.

So, if you have a project in mind and you would like to discuss your objectives, time frame, and budget, give us a call and set up a time to chat with our experienced designers. You can reach us by phone at (407) 901-6215 or by sending us an email through our secure online contact form by going to We look forward to chatting with you.


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