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Renovating your current home can allow you to update fixtures, systems, and appliances, or even to create additional space. But if you are residing in the home while the project is going on, it can be difficult at best to seamlessly coordinate the work that’s being done and your everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, and sleeping.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to help with meshing your everyday life with the work that is being done around you. Here are some must-dos for ensuring that you keep your sanity while your home’s updates are being completed.

  • Set a plan with contractors before the project begins. The first step to take for any project, large or small, is to create a calendar that everyone involved has access to. In the case of a home renovation, your plan should begin with the start and anticipated end dates, and then be filled in with what will be taking place each day throughout the time period. Doing so can help to keep the project on track, as well as allow you to anticipate what will be happening as it moves forward.
  • Maintain a section of your home for “living.” Having a section of your home that remains clean and dust-free can help to maintain a sense of normalcy during the time that other areas are being transformed.
  • Keep up with your day-to-day routine. Another great way to reduce the stress of a home remodel is to keep up with your daily activities. This is especially true if that includes a daily walk or workout, as remaining active can allow you to relax both physically and mentally afterwards.

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