How to Live in the Home of Your Dreams

Without Having to Pack a Single Moving Box!

Could it be that you’re already living in the home of your dreams?

We’ve all seen it done before – homes literally being transformed before our very eyes on popular television shows.

So, why not do the same for yourself and your family? It may be much easier than you might think – especially if you’re working with the right team of professional designers and home renovation contractors.

Living in your dream home doesn’t require that you scour the area looking for the perfect fit. Nor do you have to uproot your loved ones and settle into unfamiliar surroundings. It can instead be done within your current four walls – and without you having to pack a multitude of boxes, load your furniture in a truck, or fill out any forwarding address cards at the post office!

When you work with LP Design & Renovation, even the smallest detail isn’t “minor,” as the overall success of your home’s renovation can depend on all of the components working together seamlessly.

That’s one of the reasons why LP Design has worked with many of the same highly experienced home contractors for years – companies that we trust to do their part right the first time, and every time.

We know what it takes to make Orlando homes stand out – and we can do the same for yours. Over the past few years, we’ve renovated more than 200 single family homes in the Central Florida area, customizing them to the owners’ own unique and specific tastes, and turning their home renovation dreams into a reality.

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