Making Your Home Better – and Stronger – After a Natural Disaster

Every year during hurricane season in Florida, homeowners work to take precautions against the potential destruction that these powerful storms can inflict – and those who are unlucky enough to incur damages must typically clean up, and fix up, what the wind and rain has left behind.

In some instances, substantial damage can occur, deeming it necessary to make a long list of repairs, such as walls, ceilings, and flooring that has buckled from heavy rain and winds. But even in the midst of this unlikely event, there could still be a silver lining – and that is the ability to make your home better in the process.

As an example, you may be able to move forward with various changes to your home that you’ve always wanted, while at the same time making it stronger against future weather-related damages. Just some of these could include:

  • Toughening up interior walls using cement board rather than drywall
  • Adding water-resistant flooring materials
  • Incorporating hurricane straps on the roof
  • Replacing old windows with wind-rated or hurricane-rated alternatives
  • Using stucco or other strong material on the exterior walls (and staying away from easy-to-damage vinyl siding)

Depending on the situation and the policy, it is possible that you could have at least some of your home’s renovation costs covered by insurance. So, while you’re reaping the benefits of the updates, you could also end up paying less – in some cases, much less – out-of-pocket in comparison to funding the entire job yourself.

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