At Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has literally changed the way we live. But because many people spend a bulk of their time at home – and even more so over the past couple of months – you may be considering some minor, or even major, updates. And right now may be the ideal time to move forward (or to continue moving forward if you already had a project in the works before the coronavirus pandemic).

Renovate Safely

The good news is that there are ways to start or continue your home remodeling project safely. For instance, closing off the air vents in areas that will be impacted can help to prevent the spread of dangerous debris and dust throughout the rest of the house. Changing the filters frequently can also be a plus.

In some cases, it could even make sense to completely (and temporarily) shut down the entire HVAC system and use portable air conditioning unit(s) in the rooms that you are occupying during the project.

In addition, any time you go into the area that is being renovated, be sure to wear disposable booties over your shoes, along with other protective gear such as gloves and a mask – and then remove or discard these items upon re-entering the other areas of your home.

Making sure that the home renovation team installs a temporary plastic wall around the work area – ideally one that is sealed with sturdy tape and has a zipper for entry and exit – can also be helpful when it comes to safety.

Have Questions?

If you reside in the Orlando or the surrounding Central Florida area and you’ve got additional questions about how to start or continue your home renovation project, we can help. Feel free to reach out to us directly by phone at (407) 901-6215, or send us an email by going to our website. You can also schedule a consultation with us to discuss your next home renovation project.

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